Cascades Lodge at Killington Ski and Golf Resort

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Post Cards and Photos from our Guests.
~ Wish you were here!

Dave Houseal in the Half Pipe, Killington vTDave banging his skis through the Half Pipe, last March [2011].
This was right after he completed a 1080. Yeah Right!

michelle's son
Here's a couple - my son was 10 last season. Killington was his sleepFAVORITE place (we snowboarded in 5 states last year!)One is him on the top of the mountain where there was still snow on the trees at the end of March (sweet!) and the other is him passed out 2 minutes down the road after we left :) Killington will do that to a kid! (Michelle MCT)

Rod M. at Ovation crossroad
Rod M. just below the headwall on Superstar. March 12, 2012

See the Cascades Lodge, through the Clouds on Superstar
See the Cascadeds Lodge Through the clouds on Superstar, March 15, 2012
Houseals at breakfast Houseals at breakfast
Only two more weeks, and Dave, Bob and I will be there ready to hit the slopes. I think my sister and her husband will be joining us this year too, at least we hope so.

Here are a couple of pictures of us at breakfast. I am sure you will recognize the location.

John + Friends on Sky Lark, Feb 11, 2012
John & Friends (who may or may not wish to remain annonomous) on Sky Lark, Feb. 11, 2012. That's MK on my arm.

Sally Fridy, Bill McKenna, Andrew McKenna and Son
Two tall guys in middle: Andrew and Bill McKenna. March 6, 2012

Jack W.
Jack W, from the top. March 5, 2012

Johnny Mac "SkiBrain" above Ovation.
Johnny Mac "SkiBrain" above Ovation. March 12, 2012

Mark and Bernard Terranova-2012-03-15
Mark and Bernard Terranova, early Morning Killington: 3/15/12